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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet
regardless of time, place or circumstance.

The red thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.

Ancient Chinese Belief

the red thread is the passion of Sydney artist Lisa Tilse, whose
love of colour, design and the radiant imagination of children
led to the creation of these fun sewing kits and patterns.

I started the red thread in 2004 when I became a mum. Initially I created art for children’s spaces including portraits and my signature Heart Boxes. You can see some examples of them and my other art products on the gallery page. In 2009 I began to phase out the art side of the red thread to concentrate on my “ok, let’s sew” range of sewing kits and patterns.

I love the rise of ‘craft as cool’ which has happened over the last few years, and I’m passionate about encouraging others to embrace it too. I started my “ok, let’s sew” product line with the Sweetie Petites. I designed the Sweetie Petites as a beginner project for children to make with adults, and they have proven to be really popular with appeal to a wide range of age groups. Following hot on the heals of the Sweeties came the Ooshka Babushka sewing pattern kits, then added Ooshka Boys and more recently Super Ooshkas.

All fabric panels used in the red thread sewing kits are illustrated by me. I’m very much influenced by vintage children’s book illustration and the Japanese ‘kawaii’ (cute) aesthetic which is so much fun.

My range of sewing kits and patterns continues to grow as I’m always inspired to create and madly sketch and scribble notes in my many journals. I have lots more ideas and things on the drawing board, so stay tuned for more fun sewing products from the red thread.

Being creative, designing and illustrating is who I am and what I love. My mum was a prolific and creative knitter and when I was young she sewed all my clothes. I have always been drawn to creative expression and have a strong desire to create and be surrounded by beautiful things. I have collections of vintage and modern fabrics, buttons, ribbons, and trims as well as decorative papers, stationery, old china, and many other miscellaneous things that I can't bear to part with as they inspire me whenever I look at them.

I have a degree in Visual Communication Design and I used to work in the world of corporate design, which is so far from my reality now! I still take on graphic design projects sometimes as I do enjoy it. In addition to designing and illustrating all the red thread products I design the packaging as well as this website and my blog.

Commissions and collaborations

I love to do commissioned work too - art, illustration, and pattern design. If you have any ideas about commissioning something or collaborating I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email.

My blog is full of craft tutorials that I design and create.

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This Red Thread belief seems to resonate with many people. I named my business for this lovely Chinese belief after we adopted our daughter from China. This amazing little girl, born half a world away, is the light of my life.

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