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Make your own babushka dolls. Ooshka pattern kits are a fun and easy sewing project. They contain a sewing pattern and instructions and a face panel printed on linen/cotton blend fabric.

You get to choose your own fabrics for your Ooshkas - they aren’t included in the pattern kit - that’s part of the fun! So is embellishing your babushka dolls with applique, pom poms, ribbons and trim.

You can also choose to make your Ooshka with black hair and blue or brown eyes, blonde hair and blue eyes, or she can be a redhead with green/aqua eyes. The pattern kit comes with the face panel of your choice. Additional printed face panels are also available for purchase.

There are also patterns included to make scarves for your Ooshkas and appliqued felt and fabric faces.

Your finished Ooshka will be no shrinking violet - she’ll measure 
about 41 cm tall. That’s 16 Inches.

Ooshka pattern kits are AUS$20 each. To purchase click on the shop link above.

babushka pattern kit

For personal use only. Items made from this pattern may not be sold.

copyright lisa tilse 2008 - 2013

A pattern to make appliqué faces is also in the kit.

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